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Bret Pearson

Bret Pearson is a 6th generation Minnesotan. He has his ancestor’s curiosity about how things work and a plow-horse tenacity inherited from generations who farmed in rocky soil. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Texas. After honing his skills with several years of volunteer research, writing, and exhibit building at the Carver County Historical Society, he merged his passions for discovery and history and joined Larry and Erin to form Museology.

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Contact Bret at bret@museology-mn.com


Erin Anderson

Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her work experience includes the Carver County Historical Society, Carver County Parks, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, as well as several museum education internships and volunteering for the Minnesota Historical Society. She has presented workshop sessions on environmental education in history for school groups and is versed in social media marketing and Web 2.0. Her specialties are in interactive programming, interpretive planning, and event planning. Erin enjoys living with her cats, grilling, fishing and experimenting with gluten and dairy-free cooking.

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Contact Erin at erin@museology-mn.com


Larry Hutchings

Larry Hutchings, Exhibit Design and Fabrication, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from University of Minnesota, Morris. He has 26 years of experience as a curator at small local history museums. He has taught workshops for the Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums, and the Midwest Association of Museums on exhibit design and fabrication, children’s exhibits, construction techniques and in-house exhibit building. He was the editor for Alliance for the Millennium Collections Initiative Collections Management Manual, a compendium of best practices for museum documentation.

Contact Larry at larry@museology-mn.com

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