Interpretive Programming

Museology creates learning opportunities and outreach programs for diverse audiences and institutions. We specialize in object-based, place-based, nature-based, and project-based instructional methods.

  • Object-focused programs let participants create connections between artifacts and ideas.
  • Place-based programs help build a sense of Here, and their place in the world.
  • Nature-based programs let participants see the web that connects them to plants, other animals, rocks, weather.
  • Project-based programs let participants grasp the connection between activities and the greater world.

Like our exhibits, we see the community as another place for learning, and rely on the uniqueness of a place — its art, culture, environment, history — to help learners develop their community identity.

Informal learning opportunities help kids connect real world experiences with things they’ve studied in school, and get them excited about learning through participatory field trips and hands-on activities. Other programs and events include:

  • School programs
  • Family programs
  • Day camps
  • Adult education
  • Digital outreach
  • Public programs
  • Teacher workshops
  • Museum professional development sessions
  • Conference presentations

We design our school programs to meet your specific needs, including adherence to individual school district and Minnesota State Educational Standards.

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